Business Reports, Info Valuation e Business Scouting

Business Reports

Analysis of the economic and financial performance of companies and sectors at world level (where budgetary data is available).
Useful for understanding your own income and financial situation, identify critical points and business opportunities.
Analyses can be performed at the following levels:

Company Report

The target is a single business.

Industry Report

The target is a specific market sector.

Beta and Weighted Average Cost of Capital

The study of beta asset, beta equity and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) for single business and market sector.

Company Valuation

The study of company's value with two methods: multiples and DCF (Discounted Cash Flows).

A risk indicator is associated with every company analysed.
The InfoManager rating system is based on the use of budgetary data and company risk indicators, and gives an assessment of credit worthiness and financial risk.

InfoManager processes the information required to investigate the company situation and it gives a rating using a proprietary algorithm, tested and validated by multi-annual market interventions (companies and credit institutions).

Business Scouting


Geographic mapping by activity sector and supply of budgetary and financial data. Useful for business development activities.


Identification and analysis of potential clients using financial intelligence and regression analysis instruments. Useful for optimising commercial effort.


Web platform to consult and compare company and sector budgetary data. Useful for understanding the economic and financial situation of trade associations and their related undertakings. Useful for identifying the business drivers in a specific sector, ie. the factors which have a major impact on economic and financial perfomance.

Each product can be fully personalised according to the specific requirements of the client.