Financial Analytics

Smart Solution Supplier Analytics

Dashboard to manage and monitor suppliers and purchases.
Using company data, the "Supplier Analytics" allows you to:

  • Assess the economic and financial performance of the supplier;
  • Establish the level of bargaining power and management tools governing your relationship;
  • Analyse the positioning of all your suppliers within their particular category, the entire vendor pool and the relevant national sector;
  • Assess the efficiency gap between the supplier's income performance and the national average for companies in the same sector;
  • Identify and quantify the strategic importance of the supplier, negotiation margins, payment terms, financial sustainability and cost structure;
  • Perform scenario analyses, changing the conditions of contract in terms of volumes, margins and extensions granted;
  • Identify and plan intervention priorities based on supplier characteristics using statistical models.

Smart Solution Retail & Customer Analytics

A useful instrument to manage company - distribution channel - client relationships.
In particular it offers:

  • Mapping of the economic and financial situation of clients;
  • Client reports and summaries, showing potential tools for the effective management of the relationship;
  • Analyses by client segment type, competitor benchmarks and sector and territory data;
  • Trend and risk analyses;
  • Economic and financial simulations based on the client's business model;
  • Geolocalisation and implementation of analyses based on open data sources (Istat, Confindustria, etc.) and transnational data (CRM, management, etc.).

Smart Solution Competitor Watch

A single solution instrument enabling monitoring using a wide range of information sources:

  • The economic and financial performance of competitors and performing benchmark analyses;
  • The characteristics of competitors' business models;
  • Distribution choices and dynamics of the markets served;
  • Product and technological innovation;
  • Important information regarding the facts and objectives achieved by the companies analysed.

Smart Solution Corporate Financial Analytics

Personalised interactive navigation dashboards which:

  • Allow the identification and quantification of major sector or supply chain performance drivers;
  • Study the patterns between profitability, financial balance and efficiency, and company size;
  • Analyse the distribution of major economic and financial indicators;
  • Assess the default risks associated with a group of companies or a single business.